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Remote Companies With Learning And Sharing

8 remote companies with learning and sharing like GitLab, Stanwood and Latchel

🔍 Hiring now
🏝️ Remote-first
✏️ With interview
🤓 With members
🏙 With cities
💼 Consultancy
📦 Product
🌱 Small team
🌲 Big team
✈️ Company retreats
🏥 Health insurance
⛱ Unlimited time-off
🍼 Paid parental leave
📚 Learning stipend
💺 Paid co-working
👟 Paid well-being
💻 Paid home tech
🕒 Flexible hours
🤑 Equity
👵🏻 Pension
📈 Open metrics
💳 Credit card
💰 Profit sharing
💱 Paid in crypto
😎 Paid vacation
👋 Daily standups
🤝 Pair programming
⚡️ Agile development
📚 Learning & sharing
🔓 Open source
👶 Good for juniors
🚚 Continuous delivery
📚 Learning & sharing
  • GitLab

    The first single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle
    🏙 252 locations
    🌎 51 countries
    🤓 501+ members
  • Stanwood

    Constantly challenging the status quo and improving things (and ourselves!) is deeply rooted in our company culture. So we do a lot of things to ensure our company keeps becoming even better: - regular masterclasses where people share their special skills (e.g. UX design, tool hacks, game dev, 3D printing etc) - Training programmes - regular 360 degree feedback rounds - bi-weekly 1:1s where we ask: What do you want to achieve and how can we help you do that? - our watercooler channel in slack where we post funny and personal stuff - our thank you channel in slack where we regularly appreciate when others helped us, did an amazing job in a project, etc.
    🏙 18 locations
    🌎 9 countries
    🤓 11-50 members
  • Latchel

    Our team uses Google Meet for regular video conferencing. Most meetings are recorded so team members that aren't available can watch them at a later time. We also use a lot of Slack and we even have a Discord channel for easier collaboration when working together on a feature.
    🏙 11 locations
    🌎 2 countries
    🤓 11-50 members
  • marketgoo

    Easy SEO Tools
    🏙 6 locations
    🌎 3 countries
    11-50 members
  • Remo

    We have weekly learning sessions and sharing sessions and chatrooms all about the latest technology.
    🏙 5 locations
    🌎 5 countries
    🤓 11-50 members
  • Niteo

    Every two weeks we hold a Deveopers Session, a kind of an Open Space via Zoom where everyone gets a chance to talk about the latest bug, library or approach they encountered. Or rant. Mostly rant :). Everyone gets a budget to spend on books and courses. We encourage going to and cover expenses for conferences.
    🏙 5 locations
    🌎 5 countries
    🤓 11-50 members
  • Close

    In our weekly eng video meeting we do "Show & Tells" where we show off something that we recently built, learned, etc.
    🤓 11-50 members
  • Chili Piper

    Give your best leads a faster way to connect and convert
    🤓 11-50 members