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Ghost is an independent, non-profit organisation creating free open source software to power the future of sustainable journalism. No matter where you look, the world has never needed real media serving real communities as much as it does today.

We've built a full-stack, modern content management platform with a robust JSON API at its core and a beautiful editor to create, publish and maintain content. Next, we're working on subscription and payment tools to enable entirely new publishing business models - and we're growing the team with people to help us figure out how to do it.

Our destiny is in our own hands, because we've been profitable since we started. No shareholders, no board of directors with outside interests, no old VC guys in the background pulling strings. We generate revenue from customers who pay us, so we have unlimited runway to keep building the things we want to build.

Because we're a fully-remote team — we hire people from all over the world!

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Every 6 months we get the whole crew together for a week away. The last few trips have taken us to Dubai, Thailand, Austria & Egypt.

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Ghost is working remotely from 24 cities like London, Berlin and Melbourne across 17 countries like United Kingdom, Thailand and Germany with the average temperature of 15°C.

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