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Niteo is a decade old SaaS studio full of bright ideas, building smart solutions that empower small businesses online.

Niteo is a remote-first SaaS company with team members from the Slovenia, Romania, Ukraine, India, and the Philippines. We live and breathe Open Source: you can read about how we work in our public Handbook and on blog. We're growing steadily and looking for help keeping our customers happy.

Why work with us?

You will be regarded as a responsible and reliable adult. We put a lot of trust in you and give you the autonomy to do your job the best you can. You receive the training you need to do the job, then we set your goals and define your tasks together. After that, you plan and organize yourself. You set your own work schedule. You work on days you want to and from where you want to. You tell us when you go on a vacation and for how long.

In the end, you are judged on your results and how well you work with your peers. If you need someone to always tell you what to do and how to do it, then it's best you find something else.

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Engineering culture

👋 Daily standups
35 remote teams

Our daily standups are at 10 AM CE(S)T. They usually take less than 15 minutes.

🤝 Pair programming
20 remote teams

We see great value in PP, but we're still discovering how to do it better. ATM, we do it in an ad-hoc manner, via zoom. We don't yet have a defined process for it.

Another thing we are doing increasingly more is asking coworkers to "be your rubber duck":

⚡️ Agile development
35 remote teams

We do 2-week SCRUM, customized to our remote and async way of working. Retros take us about an hour, planning a bit less. We do planning poker as (hidden-by-default) comments on stories, asyncrounously.

🚚 Continuous delivery
36 remote teams

Here's a talk about how we deliver value continuously:

Here's a blog post on how we do staging:

We subscribe to mentality.

🔓 Open source
23 remote teams

Over the years we have contributed (to) tens of Open Source projects. The most recent one is OpenAPIv3 integration with the Pyramid framework that we donated to the Pylons organization:

📚 Learning & sharing
36 remote teams

Every two weeks we hold a Deveopers Session, a kind of an Open Space via Zoom where everyone gets a chance to talk about the latest bug, library or approach they encountered. Or rant. Mostly rant :).

Everyone gets a budget to spend on books and courses. We encourage going to and cover expenses for conferences.

Remote workplace

✈️ Company retreats
96 remote teams

⌚️ Flexible hours
81 remote teams


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Remote team locations

Niteo is working remotely from 5 cities like Ukraine, Philippines and India across 5 countries like India, Philippines and Romania with the average temperature of 15°C.

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