Remo is a video-first virtual workspace for remote teams
🏙 5 locations
🌎 5 countries
11-50 members
Remo is a video-first virtual workspace for remote and distributed teams that fosters real-time collaboration and strengthens company culture. Think of a 2D top down map like The Sims but for a virtual office with your team.

We are video-first and ultra visual, and so we want to make remote communication as high quality as being side by side. We make teams feel like they are working next to each other.

Our mission is to make remote working an awesome experience that allows people to develop deep and meaningful relationships where it is difficult to meet face to face. We believe in the advent of remote working, and our vision is to make that experience accessible and as human for everyone.

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Engineering culture

👋 Daily standups
35 remote teams

We have daily standups in our app every day on the dot.

⚡️ Agile development
35 remote teams

We follow the agile methodology as much as we can to be as adaptable and as customer focused as we can.

📚 Learning & sharing
36 remote teams

We have weekly learning sessions and sharing sessions and chatrooms all about the latest technology.

Remote workplace

✈️ Company retreats
96 remote teams

Awesome Company Retreats

⌚️ Flexible hours
82 remote teams


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Remote team locations

Remo is working remotely from 5 cities like San Francisco, Ukraine and Philippines across 5 countries like Hong Kong, India and Philippines with the average temperature of 18°C.

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