The online coding & design school with a heart
πŸ™ 24 locations
🌎 7 countries
πŸ€“ 11-50 members
Skillcrush is a rapidly growing online tech education company that offers online classes on a variety of technological topics. We’re here to help our students improve their quality of life by demystifying technology and helping them transform their careers.

We are specifically focused on diversifying the tech industry by encouraging more women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities, people without college degrees, parents and caretakers, and people who’ve taken long breaks to consider a career in tech!

Fun facts!

🌈 21% of our team identifies as LGBTQ+
πŸ“£ We speak EIGHT languages (English, French, German, Finnish, Icelandic, Spanish, Romanian, and ASL).
πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ 97% of us don't have computer science degrees.

At Skillcrush, you'll find a wildly supportive community filled with corgi .gifs, great communication, tons of appreciation, and a focus on our employees’ quality of life.

Engineering culture

πŸ‘‹ Daily standups
35 remote teams β†’

🀝 Pair programming
20 remote teams β†’

⚑️ Agile development
35 remote teams β†’

πŸ‘Ά Good for junior devs
11 remote teams β†’

πŸ“š Learning & sharing
36 remote teams β†’

Remote workplace

⌚️ Flexible hours
97 remote teams β†’


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Remote team locations

Skillcrush is working remotely from 24 cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles across 7 countries like United States, Finland and Mexico with the average temperature of 19Β°C.

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