Scalable infrastructure for legal document automation
πŸ™ 4 locations
🌎 2 countries
πŸ€“ 1-10 members
Lawyaw enables law firms and legal teams to easily automate their proprietary legal documents and integrate them into existing workflows. Our mission is to ensure every person, regardless of age, race, nationality, religion, education, or class, has full access to the rights and protections guaranteed by the law.

Engineering culture

⚑️ Agile development
35 remote teams β†’

🚚 Continuous delivery
36 remote teams β†’

πŸ“š Learning & sharing
36 remote teams β†’

Remote team locations

Lawyaw is working remotely from 4 cities like San Francisco, Toronto and Houston across 2 countries like United States and Canada with the average temperature of 22Β°C.

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Cities (4)



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