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November 20, 2019

When looking for a remote team to join, you would probably want to know which product you would be working on or what kind of services is this company offering to their clients.

You’ll now find image gallery on remote company profiles to quickly get an idea of what the remote company does.

While this is still a super fresh, most of the companies don’t have product images yet. I’m adding images to profiles featured on the front page and over time companies will start to add these photos when updating their profile.

If you’re a remote company, just log in and go to Edit company β†’ Product to add your images.

By the way, this is Teamweek on the gif (cool remote company with Estonian roots – this is also where I’m from!)

Interview with remote company


As the name suggests, Teamweek is a tool to plan your team's week. They grew out from the same team that builds a popular time tracking app Toggl (they are on RemoteHub too!) and they follow the same great design and implementation that Toggl can be proud of.

Teamweek talks about what they are looking for in a good remote job candidate and how does their hiring process looks like. They also share where they work from, how they communicate, which tools they use (yes, Teamweek is one of them) and they also share some tips for companies planning to go remote.

Interview with Teamweek

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