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How to Apply to Remote Jobs Directly on RemoteHub

You can now apply to remote jobs directly with your RemoteHub profile. This makes it easy to apply and also keep track of your applications. You’ll get an email when remote company opens your application – so even if you won’t get a reply, you at least know that they’ve seen your application.

Update (January 2020): I’ve discontinued applying directly on RemoteHub, at least for the time being. While I still think it would be convenient (and fun!) to apply with your RemoteHub account, it’s just too much hassle now for the companies. Everyone is using some Talent Tracking System where they would like to have their candidates in, and I don’t think I want to integrate RemoteHub with these. I still have the code sitting in my GitHub repo and I may bring this back to life in the future.

I sometimes feel that I build too much functionality! So let’s go back to basics – you can continue to browse remote jobs and apply directly on company’s own page.

I had this idea even before I started RemoteHub. Although I was not looking for a remote job (I already had one), I was often browsing remote job boards for inspiration – I knew I wanted to build something around remote work (because it’s so trendy, you know).

I thought it must be quite hard to apply for all these jobs and also keep track of your applications. I’m sure most candidates never hear back and so it can be easy to loose motivation after a while.

Yes, there’s AngelList Talent. And while they do list remote positions next to office jobs, they’re something so much different (more) than a job board. It feels too big for me.

I like the job board approach more where you have a list of fresh remote jobs on top of the front page. I had already built this and remote companies are adding their jobs almost every day. I now built a simple application process into RemoteHub.

How to apply for remote jobs on RemoteHub?

Super easy! You’ll fill in your profile with the first remote job application and it’s prefilled for your future applications. Some companies have set up a list of questions they need answers to, but you’ll write these also directly on RemoteHub and it will give you an opportunity to show off your skills. Which you should do! There’s a crazy competition going on for remote jobs.

Your remote job application process looks like this:

Find a job → Click apply → (answer some questions) → Click send

You’ll find all applications on your RemoteHub account – this makes it easy to keep track of them.

You’ll get an email when company opens your remote job application

It can be easy to loose motivation when you’ve sent tens of remote job applications and never hear back a word. 

Did they even see my application?

While I can’t guarantee a reply, I can send you an email when company opens your remote job application.

This email also recommends to add a profile photo and your location when you haven’t yet. Helps you to stand out more.

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