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Building remote

Remote work consultants help companies go remote

Did you know there are people who help companies go remote? Yes, and they’re called remote work consultants!

These consultants are experts who know how best remote teams work. This way they can take your company from the office to an all-remote setup quickly and effectively.

They help you with everything- starting from setting up tools for communication to writing remote work policies and training your team.

Can take weeks if not months

Getting the company ready to work remotely can take weeks or even months. Experts need to get to know the team, operations and business needs. Only then can they design and propose a suitable workflow for working remotely.

“It depends on the needs of the team. For some, it could take a day, for others a year. On average, our change management sprints take 3-6 weeks.”

Laurel Farrer – Founder, Distribute Consulting

With a lot of companies now working from home due to COVID-19 restrictions without the possibility to really prepare, consultants need to adapt their programs.

“My usual program when helping companies to go remote is 6 weeks from the kickoff meeting to the pilot program, and it works great. Most companies don’t have 6 weeks now so… I created a fast-paced 2-week consultancy program that doesn’t compromise the quality but demands more effort from me, the managers and the teams.”

Gonçalo Hall – Founder, Remote Work Movement

It is possible to see your remote work consultant in real life too! Yanislava meeting with Noble Hire.

Once the team works remotely, consultants often continue their work with the team to make sure everything runs smoothly.

“Get to know leadership and operations team, understanding the business needs and pain points, analyze the use case, design and propose a unique solution, implement it, train team members, ongoing coaching and support.”

Yanislava Hristova – Founder, Remote IT World

They can be thought of as a long-term partner and an extension to the remote team. In addition to ongoing coaching and support, they can also help finding remote talents and on-boarding the newest team members.

“Without proper training, employees won’t be able to coordinate their actions as a team, and managers may find out that remote management is much more difficult than they previously thought. This may lead to some internal conflicts and delays, which in turn may end up in the entire company achieving much worse results than previously anticipated.”

Nadia Harris – Founder, remoteworkadvocate.com

No favourite tools

There are a lot of tools great for working remotely and experts don’t have their favourites – rather they will continue using company’s existing infrastructure as much as possible.

“We are tool agnostic and advise the company based on their existing stack and/or tools that are most compatible with their existing infrastructure.”

Laurel Farrer – Founder, Distribute Consulting

Most popular tools on RemoteHub include Slack for text messages (50% of the teams) and Zoom for video calls (30% of the teams), but every tool has a number of alternatives with new remote work tools launching every week.

Some remote work tools take on a unique approach for team communication. Remo, for example, is a 2D top down map like The Sims, but for a virtual office with your team.

Yanislava doing an online pizza party event on 13th of March friday with CodersRank team.

Make sure you hire an expert

Remote work consultants had a lot of work even before COVID-19 happened. Now that a lot of companies had to start working remotely overnight, they are busier than ever.

If you’re familiar with some remote work processes or tools, you can help companies who need advice. Maybe you’re working in a remote team and can share your know-how, or you’ve been reading about remote work. Every little seed of information is beneficial for someone in a new situation.

But when you’re planning to go through a complete change management to a remote setup, hire an expert!

“If you’ve been working remotely for a while, you’re welcome to give free advice, but consulting a company through change management should only be done by a professional. If the advisor hasn’t been properly trained, they are putting the business at immense risk for liability and unsustainability.”

Laurel Farrer – Founder, Distribute Consulting

I’ve made a page where expert consultants can add themselves to the list where companies who need advice can find them. And if you’re a remote work consultant yourself, you can get to the list by activating it on your profile.

Meet the remote work consultants!

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