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Building remote

Remote team setups

It’s not that companies are remote or not. Not that simple! They’re rather on a scale between fully remote teams who have never had an office and co-located teams with a few remote employees. Most remote companies are somewhere in between.

There are many different remote setups possible, but to keep things simple, I’ve chosen three of them to differentiate the level of remote work in companies on RemoteHub.

Remote first

Almost a fully remote team, but some people still work in an office. Their communication is remote-friendly which means that although some people talk face-to-face in an office, still most of the communication is written form.

All remote

Everybody works remotely. There are no offices. Remote culture, like communication practices, are obviously in place as otherwise the company would not function.

Remote employees

Most of the team is in an office, but a few people work remotely. This setup is hard. As most of the team is co-located, these few remote employees often feel left out of conversations.

While this might seem like a hard remote setup to do, it’s often a necessary stepping stone to a remote first and fully remote teams. A lot of companies are just starting to go remote, so it’s inevitable that at first there are only a few remote employees.

But this can also be an opportunity for the first remote employees to lead or participate in building a remote culture for the whole company.

Remote setups on RemoteHub

When editing their profile on RemoteHub, companies can choose between these three remote setups to describe their team.

This helps people looking to join their company to understand the team’s current remote level. While some people may prefer a company where remote culture is already in place, others may be excited to participate in building a remote culture in a company where only a few employees are remote.

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