RemoteHub is an Open Startup sharing it's metrics like revenue and traffic

I’m running RemoteHub as an Open Startup, which means I share it’s metrics publicly, including revenue and traffic numbers.

I’ve built an Open Startup dashboard, where you can see real-time metrics about RemoteHub, including:

New and returning users
Newsletter subscribers, open and click rates
Monthly and daily pageviews and unique users


Users are registered RemoteHub accounts with verified emails. You’ll find two graphs on this page:

New users – a monthly growth of registered accounts
Active users – a daily graph of users who log in (blue = total logins, red = new accounts)


I see remote companies as one of the most important part of RemoteHub. Most companies here are teams who have been operating remotely for years, so we have a lot to learn from them. And this is exactly why I interview their managers.

Team profiles chart shows the growth of two types of company profiles:

Community added – teams who I’ve found to be at least somewhat remote (they talk about their remote team on their website or posted a remote job somewhere)
Verified – teams whose managers have signed up on RemoteHub, verified their email and filled in their remote company’s profile

You can also see the growth of interviews with remote company managers.


I’ve been writing a newsletter about remote work for almost a year now. The weekly letter gives some insights on what’s happening in remote work.

You’ll see a graph of newsletter subscribers growth and open + click rates for the latest letters that I started to track recently.


Always interesting to know how much websites earn, right? I share my monthly revenue in real-time.


I share my pageviews and unique users directly from the Google Analytics account. You’ll find both monthly and daily graphs.

There’s a lot more I could share, so this is just a beginning. I hope it’s interesting to look into these numbers and be a part of my journey as a solo developer boostrapping a remote work website!

See my real-time metrics on the Open Startup dashboard.

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