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User profiles for people working remotely

I’ve built user profiles on RemoteHub to let people share their remote work experience and find interesting people from the community.

There are many interesting people on RemoteHub, for example:

Founders building all-remote companies (Finbarr Taylor from Shogun)
Managers from the leading remote teams (Andrew Gobran from Doist)
Remote work consultants (Gonçalo Hall from Remote Work Movement Podcast)
People who work remotely (Rauno Metsa from RemoteHub)

Would be fun to see these people connect here! I’m working on some social features (like a community where people can share stories), but to start connecting to each other, we first need user profiles. Here’s what I have now.

Your remote work experience

Add your current and past remote work experience and you’ll be part of the team on the company’s profile.

When the company doesn’t exist on RemoteHub, it will be created and you can choose if you’d like to have an access to edit it (you’ll want this when it’s your company).

Your city

I’ve added a photo for more than 1,000 cities so there’s some chance that you’ll see a photo of your city too! Try it out.

Your links

Add links to your profile so that people can find out more about you. You can add your website and links to your social profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub).

Your skills

Choose which skills apply. For now, they will be displayed on your profile for other people to see, but this can be later used to match people with the same interests.

Are you a remote work consultant?

I recently discovered that there are people who help companies go remote. They are called remote work consultants and I built a section for them on RemoteHub.

If you’re consulting companies and helping them to implement remote workflows, show this on your profile.

You’ll be then added to the list of remote work consultants where companies can find you for your services.

Fun facts about you

Let people know if you’re a founder of a remote company or you’re working in one. Or if you’re a freelancer and working with many companies.

You can also show if your preferred workplace is home, coworking space or you enjoy coffee shops with all the coffee they have there.

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