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10 Remote Companies With a Flexible Schedule Hiring for Remote Jobs

Flexible working hours are often considered to be the biggest benefit to remote work. Meet these 10 remote companies who let you work when you’re the most productive and who are hiring right now for remote jobs in programming, design, marketing and support.

According to the State of Remote Work by Buffer, a flexible schedule is the biggest benefit to remote work. 

Going to the gym in the morning, walking the dogs, catching up with friends and not having to schedule time off for appointments are just some of the ways remote workers can enjoy flexible working hours. 

Almost half of the respondents said this to be the biggest benefit of working remotely. 

Having a flexible schedule doesn’t necessarily mean that you will only work when you feel like working. There could still be some specific times you’re needed at work for an important meeting or some urgent tasks come up that need attention.

These 10 remote companies are hiring for remote jobs right now:

Shogun bootstrapped their business to profitability before raising a $2.1m seed round led by Initialized Capital and Y Combinator. A year on, they’re growing steadily and have been scaling up the product team.

Aula is bringing students, staff, and educators together in a digital environment that encourages interaction and collaboration.

Ghost is an independent, non-profit organisation creating free open source software to power the future of sustainable journalism. No matter where you look, the world has never needed real media serving real communities as much as it does today.

Hypergiant is the AI industrial complex for leading global enterprises and governments. They help major institutions innovate with breakthrough machine intelligence-driven technology.

Doist creates tools that promote a calmer, more balanced, more fulfilling way to work and live. They’ve always believed that work is better without borders – for Doist, remote work is the future, not a fad. They work hard to embed this philosophy into everything we create.

Hubstaff is building tools to make work better. Every day they’re building and improving their software so that teams can focus on growing their business, not running it.

Agency Analytics is privately held and debt free, with a healthy balance sheet and an active customer base of more than 2,500 digital marketing agencies. They operate a SaaS utility that provides client marketing reports and web-based client dashboards to digital marketing agencies.

Growth Machine is an SEO-focused content marketing agency that works with some of the top ecommerce and digital product brands to make them the thought leaders for their niche on Google.

Vero helps hundreds of businesses worldwide automate and co-ordinate their customer messaging. They empower Marketing, Support and Customer Operations Teams to prototype, publish and iterate faster, without sophisticated engineering knowledge or dedicated engineers.

Wildbit believes developers shouldn’t spend time in the weeds of process, infrastructure, and communication. Their products remove that pain, allowing you to design, code, and ship brilliant software. They exist for their team. Their products and customers allow us to do the best work of our lives, together.

Remote companies with flexible schedule

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