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For the past couple of years, we've focused on a couple of mid-sized markets to make sure we really got the basic experience right for both service experts and homeowners. In order to scale to new markets, we are improving and automating a lot of our manual operations and making our product more useful, usable, and delightful across the board.

Technology-wise, our codebase is a monolithic Ruby on Rails app (5.2 -- soon to be 6.0). We don't enforce a strict TDD methodology for writing code, but we strive to have very good test coverage. We use Turbolinks, including for mobile apps on iOS and Android. We write ES6 Javascript and have recently started using Stimulus when we need it. We deploy to Heroku.

Our full-time product team (developers and designers) currently has about 7 members, plus a few part-time contractors who help us with our mobile apps.

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Zaarly is working remotely from 7 cities like New York, Washington and Philadelphia across 1 countries like United States with the average temperature of 19Β°C.

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