One app for all your bank accounts
๐Ÿ™ 12 locations
๐ŸŒŽ 9 countries
๐Ÿค“ 51-200 members
Numbrs is reshaping the future of the workplace. We are a fully remote company, at which every employee is free to live and work wherever they want.

Numbrs was founded with the vision to revolutionise banking. Therefore from day one Numbrs has always been a technology company, which is driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and the urge to innovate. We live and embrace technology.

At Numbrs, our engineers donโ€™t just develop things โ€“ we have an impact. We change the way how people are managing their finances by building the best products and services for our users.

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Numbrs is working remotely from 12 cities like Berlin, Germany and Spain across 9 countries like Germany, Switzerland and Spain with the average temperature of 12ยฐC.

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