COVID-19’s effect on remote jobs πŸ“Š

April 22, 2020

It can be hard to get a remote job. And now this coronavirus! Are companies hiring at all?

Although we can only guess what COVID-19’s effect will be in the long term, we can see what’s happening right now.

I’ve been looking at remote jobs posted on the most popular job boards, and while there seems to be a slight decrease in new job posts, it didn’t drop a lot when the world went to a lockdown. 

But now more than ever, people looking for a remote job should try to stand out. How? I asked 30 remote companies and freeCodeCamp published my article with the results:

Show your genuine interest in working at the remote company
Do your research
Show your skills (start working on your side project)

Here’s what the RemoteHub community thinks:

"Input Output ’IOHK’ is a fully decentralized company, we operate in over 16 countries with approx 220 staff, all working remotely with autonomy, I have not witnessed any change in our recruitment plans." – David from IOHK

"Remote work is indeed the future, and, even though we were forced into its loving embrace a tad bit faster than we have expected, once we started getting a hang of it, there’s no reason to stop." – Nadia from

Lech from Human PM brought up a good point about how a lot of companies are forced to work from home and they are not adjusting any of their processes and approaches:

"Otherwise, when it fails for them, which it will without the right approach, they will say they tried but it didn’t work so they are going back to the old ways."

We also want your thoughts on this!

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