Map data at scale from street-level imagery
๐Ÿ™ 26 locations
๐ŸŒŽ 18 countries
๐Ÿค“ 51-200 members
At Mapillary we have big visions and goals, and weโ€™re here to make an impact with our work. We are focused and passionate, with a long-term goal of making the world accessible to everyone by building the best photo representation of this planet.

You are fluent in what you do. You join a small team of very talented people, so we trust you are up to a high-impact, fast-paced working environment mostly based on chat with fewer meetings and more responsibilities.

We believe a small team of dedicated, passionate people can make something great, on a global scale. Join the ride!

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Mapillary is working remotely from 26 cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles across 18 countries like Sweden, United States and Austria with the average temperature of 13ยฐC.

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