Handles bookings, journals and invoicing
πŸ™ 9 locations
🌎 9 countries
πŸ€“ 1-10 members
Since 2012, we have helped our customers manage bookings, invoices, and journals for more than 1 million clients.

We have developed EasyPractice because we are passionate about user-friendly systems that can help people in their everyday lives.

We believe that future clinics and practitioners need EasyPractice because it makes everyday routines easier, simpler, and more fun.

Remote jobs (3)

Remote workplace

✈️ Company retreats
96 remote teams β†’

Once a year we also do a company retreat where we fly everyone to a destination to spend an extended week together

Video meetings
7 remote teams β†’

Our monthly sprint meetings are also digitized which makes them super flexible. It is possible to participate in them online via Slack’s video chat, Skype or any other voice communication programme.


Remote work tools (2)

54 remote teams β†’

We strive to be digitized, and most of our internal communication takes place over the collaboration software application, Slack.

Remote team locations

EasyPractice is working remotely from 9 cities like Melbourne, Valencia and Copenhagen across 9 countries like Australia, Denmark and Spain with the average temperature of 19Β°C.

Countries (9)

Cities (9)



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