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One of the best things about working at ChartMogul is that, when you tell people where you work, they've often actually heard of us. In case you haven't come across ChartMogul, here's what we do: We help people build better subscription businesses, with data.

We take the raw payment information that subscription businesses like Typeform, Pipedrive and Leadpages generate when they bill their customers, and turn it into high level business metrics like Monthly Recurring Revenue, Churn Rate and Customer Lifetime Value. Using our platform, subscription businesses can segment, filter and analyze their billing data to make better day-to-day decisions towards faster growth, all without bothering a BI team. We're democratizing analytics.

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ChartMogul is working remotely from 3 cities like Toronto, Berlin and Seoul across 3 countries like Canada, Germany and South Korea with the average temperature of 16°C.

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