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Travel the World While Working Remotely

Remote work can provide flexibility and also give you the opportunity to travel. If you don’t have a remote job yet, you can convince your manager on giving you more opportunities to work remotely or just find a new remote job with a flexible schedule.

When if you’re not expected to show up at the office, why not go travel the world? There are people who don’t even have a home address as they’re flying to a new country every month (call them digital nomads), but most remote workers actually work from home or a nearby coworking space.

People and situations are different and while it can sound really cool to call yourself a “digital nomad”, it’s not a perfect match for everyone. You can also travel without taking it to the extreme- you can start by taking just a few trips a year.

Exploring the world can sound scary too!

When you’re not used to travelling, it can seem scary at first. There’s quite a lot of planning to do and you may wonder if it’s even safe to go alone?

This is where programs like Remote Year can be helpful – you’ll enjoy exploring the world while leaving all the planning to their experienced team. Added bonus- you’re not going to be alone! You’ll share travels l with other people in the program and you’ll most likely form unique relationships from professional connections to real life friendships that will continue even after your program has ended.

If you’re currently not working remotely, you don’t have to quit your desk job just yet! Remote Year’s program consultants can help you talk to your manager and make their program work for you.

While Remote Year is more concentrated on programs starting from 4 months, there’s also similar programs from the UNSETTLED team offering shorter experiences starting from just a couple of weeks and lasting up to a month.

Planning your own trip

When you’re planning to start traveling the world without a program, just take your time and do your research. Also, it’s probably a good idea to start with a few shorter trips and also try to find a friend who would like to go with you – it can be helpful having a friendly face with you at all times.

Finding a remote job that lets you travel

If your work requires you to be physically present or you can’t convince your manager to let you work remotely, it just may be time to consider finding a remote job.

While most of the remote jobs are in programming, there are also a lot of remote jobs available in marketing, design, support and much more.

When you’re planning to start working remotely and traveling, or at least keep it as a possibility, it’s important to check with the employers and see how they feel about it. Your work schedule needs to be quite open to be able to travel and let it soak in as well. In cases like that start browsing remote jobs with flexible working hours to find remote jobs where you can mostly plan your own days.

Remote companies with flexible schedule

You will work remotely on your own schedule

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