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Connecting students and private scholarship providers while working remotely

ScholarshipOwl is a kickstarting young adults into the academic and professional worlds through the usage of technology. Their leading products are and, a site and a mobile application dedicated to managing automated scholarship applications. They are a fully remote company working from 11 cities across 10 countries.
by David Tabachnikov – Remote CEO & Advocate

What does your remote company do?

ScholarshipOwl is a platform connecting students and private scholarship providers. We try to make the process of applying to private scholarships as transparent as possible.

Did you start with a remote team or switched later to remote?

We started with a remote team, having part of our development in Serbia and management in Israel from day one. Shortly after we hired an employee from Ukraine, roughly at the same time I've read "Office Not Required" by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried, and from there to a fully remote team the path was very short.

What do you think are the biggest benefits of remote work?

Global talent pool and freedom of movement to the employees. We don't have to lose an employee just because s/he needs to move.

How important is remote work to your business?

I'd say it's critical. Given the choice, I'd make our company remote all over again.

Why did you integrate remote work into your company?

After I started a branch in Kyiv for a previous company, it just made sense. Especially since I spent my teen years on open source projects, doing anyway "remote work", synchronizing over IRC, it just felt natural. I didn't even understand what the "fuss" over remote work is - it's just the way any open source project works.

What are you looking for in a good remote jobs candidate?

Ability to communicate well both in writing and in video, ability to be self motivated and good at following up. Knows how to learn by himself.

How to stand out when applying for a remote job?

A short video works well, showing things you've done yourself and outside of work helps a lot. Having interesting hobbies as well is a great way to show character.

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ScholarshipOwl's remote team is currently working from 11 cities across 10 countries covering 10 timezones. This makes them #30 on RemoteHub with employees coming from most countries.

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