Technical Supporters - WordPress Plugins


Our goal in support is to help clients succeed. We are hiring support experts for WPML and Toolset teams. You’ll troubleshoot problems and help clients use our products. You’ll be working closely with other supporters, with the development team, and with the documentation team.


  • At least 2 years of experience in Customer support
  • Experience building websites using WordPress
  • Excellent English skills (both written and spoken)
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills
  • Being able to work one day over the weekend
  • Speaking German and/or Arabic language is not a “must-have” but a huge advantage
  • Preferred time zone: GMT+5 or similar



✈️ Company retreats
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We normally meet once a year to work and have fun together in some nice spot. This is a very enrichening experience for everyone. So far, we've met in cities like Tenerife, Malaga, Porto, Split and Paphos.
⌚️ Flexible hours
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Some teams need to have more fixed schedules especially if working in support. But some roles allow more flexibility, like developer or marketing roles. As long as you're present for all your relevant meetings and deliver what is expected, you can arrange your working hours as you find it most convenient.

Tools used for remote work

Remote team at OnTheGoSystems is using 3 tools like Zoom, Mattermost and YouTrack when working remotely.



Team (3)

Remote team in 77 cities and 41 countries

OnTheGoSystems is working remotely from 77 cities like Buenos Aires, Perth and Minsk across 41 countries like Spain, India and Poland with the average temperature of 11°C.

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