Internal Systems Lead Developer


As the Internal Systems Lead at Scrapinghub you will be responsible for all internal systems that we use to run and support our business. You and a small team (currently 1 other developer) will be responsible for developing and maintaining our systems which comprise mainly cloud based applications with custom integrations between them. You will be responsible for selecting or developing the tools required to support all internal business functions (sales, finance, HR, etc), its workflows and integrations.


  • 5+ years of experience with development in Python.
  • 3-5 yrs of other web technologies/programming languages (django, rails, etc).
  • Knowledge of Salesforce or applications that integrate with the SFDC platform.
  • Experience with application mesh and writing webhooks’ callbacks.
  • Experience of leading projects and/or planning the work or others as well as self.
  • Database / query experience.
  • Good team player, creating environments that works towards shared goals, contributing ideas and accepting change.
  • Ability to identify the components of a complex situation or problem, and dissect them into building blocks to develop a system or solution that address it.
  • Ability to communicate with the different business units and people, helping them spec out what they really need.
  • Generalist by nature, likes to keep learning new things and jumping into many different projects and systems



Tools used for remote work

Remote team at Scrapinghub is using 15 tools like World Time Buddy, OfficeVibe and Hangouts when working remotely.


Open source
Paid open source work


Team (3)


Scrapinghub's remote company is headquartered in County Cork, Ireland

Remote team in 87 cities and 27 countries

Scrapinghub is working remotely from 87 cities like Cork, Dublin and Tokyo across 27 countries like Brazil, India and Russia with the average temperature of 10°C.

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