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Started with notifications

I made a first version of notifications. The idea is to notify users about activity that would be interesting for them (e.g. someone mentions their user or remote team).

Started with welcome mentions – all remote team members get a notification when I welcome them to the community.

First custom discussion

As you can see the community page consists of channels (general, intros, gear, ...) and channels consist of discussions. You can upvote and comment discussions.

I now added a first "custom discussion" that includes a team profile – I'm using this to welcome new remote companies to the community. Currently adding these posts manually, but can be automated in the future.

There can be more custom discussions like this – I could maybe also auto-generate discussions for stories (https://remotehub.io/stories), jobs (https://remotehub.io/remote-jobs) and more.

All ideas welcome!

I made a community page

I think it would be fun to have a way to communicate with other members on RemoteHub. Let's talk about remote work – we can introduce ourselves, chat about gear and software tools we use when working remotely, share workspaces and remote job opportunities.

Our community is currently very small (100 people), but this is maybe a good thing! Let's see how this plays out.

Leave your comment here and let me know what you think. All ideas for improvements are very welcome!

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