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What does your remote company do?

SafetyWing is building a global social safety net. That means building a global health, disability, pensions and more, as a replacement for national welfare systems. We believe this will ensure freedom and equal opportunities for everyone.

What do you think are the biggest benefits of remote work?

Freedom to work from wherever you want, and to a larger degree whenever you want. And that it opens up opportunities for people to collaborate across borders.

How to stand out when applying for a remote job?

Answer all the questions in the application, say why you are applying to us specifically

How do you measure productivity in your remote team?

We set goals and update each-other on them weekly

Does your remote team meet in person?

Yes, 3-4 times per year we have a team gathering

How do you communicate in your remote team?

We use Sococo for live video and audio, and Slack for text

How do you handle different time zone challenges?

We have a common 2 hours core team 3 days per week

What's your advice for companies planning to go remote?

Do it whole-heartedly, and make a full plan for how to do communication before you start





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