Working remotely: the pros and cons of working from home

Working from anywhere: the good, the bad, the lovely. How remote work is quietly remaking our lives.

From their ersatz offices in coffee shops, coworking spaces, and living rooms, a growing number of remote workers are quietly remaking the way we work and live.

I really encourage you to read this article about remote work. It really sums it up nicely.

β€œThe idea of anyone needing to work from one location every day 40 hours a week will seem even more antiquated than it already does today”

I know this can also be a source of stress, but I like how working remotely merges work and life. You don't have to sit on one place 40h per week to work with your laptop. But you need to build your own work-life balance.

β€œWhoever I work for next, if they tell me I can’t work remotely, I’m not working for them.”

Remote work is not a perk anymore. It's a requirement.
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