Working on the go, at OnTheGoSystems

Life of a software developer working remotely at OnTheGoSystems describes well the benefits that remote work offers.

I wake up to the sound of rain. Light but persistent drizzle that’s been going on throughout the night and made the cold morning air feel fresh and humid. A few birds are chirping in the garden, feeding on grapes I hoped I’d be able to enjoy at some point. This type of quiet, where you can hear any signs of human civilization only from the distance – like the ultralight airplanes occasionally crossing the sky or a church bell from the nearest village – has always been one of my most fundamental needs.

What a setup! Check out this "self-made pad with crushed marble for feet massaging". Great example about one of the nicest benefits of working from home – freedom to set up your own work environment and tweaking it to the finest details.
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