Why remote workers need to work harder for a promotion

To some, working remote means never having to leave your house or put proper pants on.

In reality, new research finds, many remote employees work harder than in-office employees for the same benefits and promotions.

The study, published in Organizational Science and authored by a pair of University of California-Santa Barbara (UCSB) researchers, finds that employees who are physically present in the office are seen as more committed, more productive, and harder working than colleagues who working away from the office.

Across employees, perceptions of hard work and commitment translate to better performance reviews and quicker promotions, the study finds.

Because of their need to show that they too are committed, remote workers are forced to being "always on" and they attend meetings at odd hours more than their in-office colleagues, all to gain access to the same opportunities.

We won't put our pants on, but we work harder!

When you're working remotely and you're not physically present in the office, your boss or coworkers can have a feeling that you're watching Netflix at home. And this could be true! But, if you can handle your work while watching Netflix, where's the problem?

There needs to be more trust in remote companies, as team is really based on trusting each other. If you're not doing your job, it should be visible, and then you just don't fit to the team.
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