Why Are Physical Workplaces Still Important In The Era Of Remote Work?

In tech and especially in engineering, there’s a clear trend of people being more and more remote. Or at least it seems like it given the absurdly crazy San Francisco housing prices these days. Thing is, though this trend is clearly talked a lot about around here, the national average here in the US is still only around 3-4% of people working remotely. Much of the rest of the hundreds of millions of people left over are still in traditional, grungy, offices. The trend is there, but we’re not going to see a wild swing in our lifetimes.

I think it's very cool if you have one or more team members in your city, so you can work some days together in a coworking space or just meet IRL for an ice cream.

This is also one of the reasons I'm building these remote company maps – so when you're planning to join a team, you can check if they already have members in your home city.
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