We are closing our office. Here's Why.

Great decisions at marketgoo start with a β€œwhy”. We are closing our office in Madrid by the end of June 2019.

We used to say: β€œWe have an office in Madrid, but everything happens remotely first” and that phrase had some inherent anomalies. No more than 4 people attend the office consistently. I usually spend 3 full days at the office at most. But the rest of the team is distributed in about 3-4 time zones.

I must admit that having an office is not a natural thing for me. I’ve worked in very nice offices but when it was our time to have a nice place, we always struggled.

Some weeks ago, we even hired a lovely decorator to improve our office. It all was so unnatural. We were sharing that idea with the team, the distributed team, while they were working from everywhere but the office.

Companies are starting to shut down their offices and head to a beach with a laptop instead. What a good idea!

You can see from the article that marketgoo has a clear plan for their new fully remote company setting – they're planning storytelling to keep people in the loop, tougher reporting, but this also leaves more money for profit sharing and alternative remote-working efforts like co-working allowance.
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