To Remote Work or Not to Remote Work? That is the Question 🤔

Every once in a while people approach me and ask what it takes to start working remotely, so I figured I could turn my talk into a short post.

First of all, remote work isn't a silver bullet! Don't assume that all companies will become 100% remote in the future.

While working remotely can be a great way to work, it may not be for everyone:

Juniors may need more face-to-face guidance.
Some people really want to talk to other people in real life, so can be lonely at home.
Your home may not be the best place to work (distractions, not enough space), but you could always go to co-working spaces.
Time zones can be difficult. Check out required time zones before joining a team.
Writing is important, because when you work remotely, you need to write a lot.
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