Remote Work Is Becoming More Mainstream, Data Shows

Remote work arrangements are no longer limited to start-ups and trendy businesses looking to offer employees more flexibility. Not only do many large, well-known companies have remote work policies today, but according to Upwork's Future Workforce Report, the number of remote employees is only going to rise in time.

The report found that as younger generations move into management roles, remote work arrangements will steadily become more of a norm. In fact, 69% of millennial and Gen Z managers today allow team members to work remotely, compared to just 59% of Gen X managers and 58% of baby boomer managers.

Well, it does seem obvious that remote work is becoming more and more popular. Can be more difficult with old school managers, but as you can see from this report, 69% of young managers support working remotely.

When these old school managers are replaced with younger generation managers, there will be more and more remote positions to apply for.
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