Remote Teams Best Practices: Our Way of Getting Things Done

Managing remote teams doesn’t mean less control over your project. Find out how to keep everything in order with these remote teams best practices.

Working with remote teams, including outsourcing software development to IT companies working as your remote tech partner, may seem a difficult thing to do.

The common dilemma founders face has been a fear of not getting understood by people with different language skills, backgrounds, cultural differences, and even business culture.

If team members are used to communicate by walking to each other's table and talking, it can be hard to switch to a remote setup at first.

On the other hand I also believe that a lot of team members already chat in Slack or similar even though they may be sitting next to each other. I know I have done this. I mean, why open your mouth when you can type right – but seriously, when I type then the person can check it when can, not when I say it.

Key takeaways from the article:

Focus on communication
Share a tool-stack
Trust is key
Define acceptance criteria
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