Remote HubSpot Employees Give 8 Tips for Working From Home

HubSpot remote employees from different departments share their most valuable tips for working from home.

At INBOUND this year, HubSpot CTO and co-founder Dharmesh Shah announced that our company now has more than 200 remote employees globally

Remote work is becoming so valuable to prospective employees that the second-most searched word on HubSpot's career page is "remote."

Clearly, people love the idea of working from home or a location outside the office. And this makes sense. Have you ever wanted to work for a far-away company you couldn't move to? Or have you ever wanted to cut a tough commute out of your schedule to spend more time with family? These are just a few great reasons why people might want to work remote.

8 tips from HubSpot for a good work-from-home experience:

1. Determine if remote work is right for you
2. Schedule meetings and work hours in chunks
3. Over-communicate with everyone
4. Plan virtual coffee chats with colleagues
5. Create an efficient home-working space
6. Work outside of your house
7. Prepare for video calls
8. Don't forget to take breaks
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