Making The Case For Remote Work

The most valuable commodity is time, and the internal politics of nearly all businesses interfere with the ability to manage that commodity.

I’ve been a digital nomad for a long time. In the 1990s, I began using one of the first wireless modems while publishing a technical newsletter and working on computer books. The signal was too weak to work from home, but the nearby Starbucks happened to be close enough to one of the transmitters that I could actually get by on my laptop. It unfortunately presaged a serious caffeine addiction that I’m still fighting today, but I loved the way that I could get several hours of productive work done a day without the hassle of thrice daily meetings, impromptu check-ins, and two hours a day spent navigating the highway just to get to my place of work.

Check out this fun classification of digital nomads! You learn about weekend-warriors, time-shifters, homebodies and travellers.
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