How to make an impression when you work remotely

The option to work remotely is a huge draw for employees today. With commutes averaging nearly half an hour each way in the US, working from the comfort of home, a local coffee shop, or nearby co-working space is a perk now enjoyed by nearly half of the US workforce.

But businessesโ€”which also benefit from flexible remote-work policies by reducing the overhead costs that come with physical office spaceโ€”are struggling to address the collaboration challenges their remote employees faces.

Remote workers can seemingly disappear, because they're not physically in the office. Often left out of meetings and discussions.

Very helpful for the team if you communicate your status clearly. If you're out for a coffee, mark your status as "away" on your messaging app. Also, do not work from the bed. Not a good idea.

Oh, and this "mute" button you want to press during the meetings, well... don't. I know, I've done it too โ€“ I've put together my furniture with a drill during a meeting. Not proud of this.
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