Here’s Exactly How Much Our Company Spends on Perks & Benefits

Buffer’s People Team spends a lot of time thinking about perks.

One of our biggest and most important perks is maybe the toughest to quantify: The freedom to work whenever, wherever, and however we like.

Being a diverse, distributed team impacts our perks philosophy deeply. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach; we all work differently and are motivated by different drivers.

So over the years we’ve built a robust catalog of benefits, focusing on a customizable approach.

Buffer has a "People Team" who makes sure that their team is feeling great (what!).

Although the biggest benefit of remote work is already built into it – work from home or anywhere else in the world – there are more awesome perks that Buffer provides. How cool is that:

Tech Accessories – budgeted $9k
️ Working Smarter Stipend – budgeted $9k
Coworking spaces reimbursement – budgeted $27k
Internet reimbursement – budgeted $25k
πŸ—‘ Home Office Allowance – budgeted $10k
Free books (and Kindle) – budgeted $15k
Growth mindset fund – budgeted $40k
401k: 2% match – budgeted $80k
Accounting fees – budgeted $25k
Health Insurance – budgeted $225k
Dependents Grant – budgeted $149k
Digital therapy – budgeted $3k
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