10 Reflections on Buffer's 10th Team Retreat

It’s hard to believe that the Buffer team has been on 10 team retreats already, in locations all around the world.

I was lucky enough to start at Buffer in 2012, back before our first retreat, so I’ve attended all 10!

These gatherings have taken many different shapes since our first back in 2013, where a handful of us went to Lake Tahoe.

Up until 2016, we had retreats twice a year. But our team grew so large over time that it made a lot more sense to move the gatherings to just once a year.

Buffer looks back at their 10 remote team retreats – it's so nice to see your teammates in real life, but it's not so cool to replace your comfy yoga pants with jeans for a retreat week. Oh, and there's so much hugging that you probably get a flu.

I guess it costs a lot of money to fly almost 100 persons together from all over the world, but nothing replaces in-person face time and it's probably quite useful for the remote company culture. And I'm sure it's fun!
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