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softsales HIRING
About softsales
We are a network of sales experts selling software development in the US for our nearshore and offshore clients.

We sell custom web and mobile development to US customers for offshore and nearshore companies. Our clients whom we vet and select pay us commission on closed deals and pay monthly for marketing services. Our clients hire us to be the US based sales and marketing office. 

We offer a wide range of marketing services grouped into outbound and inbound. Our core offering is email marketing. We generate leads for our clients and some clients generate their own leads.

We are working with companies in India, Central/Eastern Europe and LatAm. We are expanding into Asia, Africa and Russia. We sell all major technology stacks and frameworks like, RoR, Python, Java, PHP, .net, all JavaScripts and all types of mobile development. Some clients also have digital marketing and others are heavy on databases, quality assurance or gaming.