What are your most used tools in your remote team?

11 remote companies like GitLab, OnTheGoSystems and Doist talk about what's their most used tools in their remote team

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Our most-used tools include the GitLab tool, Slack, Zoom, and G-Suite products.

August 21, 2019


The first single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle
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We use YouTrack for all our project management, and we also use Mattermost channels for things that may need immediate attention, and daily and weekly meetings with the whole team happen via Zoom, sometimes meetings may need to involve people from other teams.

November 1, 2019


We believe that people, not products, make the difference.
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We use Twist for team communication and Todoist for task/project management.

August 16, 2019


Building the future we want to work in
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We live in Slack and also make healthy use of Google Meet and Zoom. Google Docs is used heavily for collaborative writing and planning. A few teams and team members also use Trello to manage individual and team tasks and projects. We also use Confluence for our internal knowledgebase and Jira to coordinate the work of our Design, Development, and Engineering teams. Finally we use CakeHR as our single source of truth for all things HR-related.

February 10, 2020


Managed WordPress Hosting
🏙 44 locations
🌎 21 countries
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Time Doctor, Invision, Jira, Slack, Skype, Gmail

February 10, 2020

Time Doctor

Productivity for Remote Teams
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🤓 51-200 members

Trello! Slack, Confluence, Hangouts, Google Calendar, Google Drive

August 15, 2019


Easy SEO Tools
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We use Slack and Trello for most of our communication.

Slack is great for time sensitive stuff: like quick opinions and coordinating things happening right now. Slack has a few advantages, but it's major drawback is that information can get lost very quickly across dozens of rooms, timezones, and quick conversations. Think about it this way: if what you're talking about is okay to be lost deep in Slack search, where no one will likely think to look for it (or assume that it's even been discussed), then it's cool to discuss in Slack.

Trello, on the other hand, is for everything else (processes, what you're working on, getting non-trivial feedback, documenting a discussion, etc.). It's major advantage is that it provides a permanent, easy to search, organized grouping of information. By default all boards are public and join-able — so you can dip into anything that interests you and see the discussions going on, or the discussions that have happened.

November 13, 2019


Building an open creative movement.
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Atom for coding, Postico for database and Chrome to render my vision.

October 9, 2019


Find your next remote team to join
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The tools that I use the most are:
-Gmail and its suite of apps
-MS Office

December 21, 2019

Rovira Business Services, LLC

Project Management (Remote)
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🤓 1-10 members