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Did you start with a remote team or switched later to remote?

12 remote companies like GitLab, OnTheGoSystems and Teamweek talk about if they started with a remote team or switched to remote later

Why remote?

Remote company managers are talking about why they are running a remote team and how did they start. They also share ideas about what are the biggest benefits of remote work and why it's here to stay.

Hiring remote

Remote team leaders about building a remote team and how are they hiring for remote jobs in their company. They also share tips about how to stand out when applying for remote jobs.

Managing remote

Practical tips from remote companies about managing a remote team – how to measure productivity, where to work from and about planning company retreats to bring the remote team together.

Working remotely

Remote team leaders answering questions about their daily life in a remote team regarding communication, tools and more. They also share tips for companies planning to start working remotely.

For GitLab, being an all-remote company did not start as an intentional decision. It was a natural evolution as our first team members started choosing to work from home. Now we have more than 800 team members in more than 55 countries around the world.

August 21, 2019


The first single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle
🏙 252 locations
🌎 51 countries
🤓 501+ members

We started to hire for remote positions to access the larger talent pool. Without means to relocate every prospective candidate to Estonia, and with very little patience regarding the red tape it entails, going remote was the only real option.
After testing it on one team, we knew it was a perfect solution.

August 21, 2019


Beautifully simple planning
🏙 10 locations
🌎 10 countries
🤓 11-50 members

We started remote and will stay that way forever.

August 14, 2019


Insurance for Nomads
🏙 9 locations
🌎 7 countries
🤓 11-50 members

We have always been remote, there is no office space to go to!

November 28, 2019

Hexagonal Consulting

Company of experts in Faveod
🏙 9 locations
🌎 2 countries
🤓 11-50 members

In 2012 we started with a team in office, then in 2014 only our Marketing manager was fully remote, and then our Development team began to phase out the office! We started to make 'remote-first' a priority and finally in 2019, we've gotten rid of the office for good!

August 15, 2019


Easy SEO Tools
🏙 6 locations
🌎 3 countries
🤓 11-50 members

The company began providing services in Alaska only back in 2017. It adjusted to remote first in January 2019.

December 21, 2019

Rovira Business Services, LLC

Project Management | Digital Component Construction | Relo
🏙 1 locations
🌎 1 countries
🤓 1-10 members

I started as a remote team of... one. And I still am!

October 9, 2019


Find your next remote team to join
🏙 1 locations
🌎 1 countries
🤓 1-10 members

We had a soft start to remote working with a core hours launch in January 2018. The entire company switched to Everyday Flex in November 2019.

December 16, 2019

Quality Compliance Systems

Creating a Fairer and More Compassionate World
🏙 1 locations
🌎 1 countries
🤓 51-200 members

Boldy is a remote-first, employee-focused company, offering its talented team the freedom to build their own schedules, work remotely, and be an integral part of amazing businesses for the long term while developing their own fulfilling careers. We are winners of the prestigious When Work Works award and are Great Places to Work certified.

October 9, 2019


Premium Subscription Staffing
🤓 51-200 members
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