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How do you onboard new remote team members?

3 remote companies like OnTheGoSystems, Doist and Quality Compliance Systems talk about how they onboard new remote team members in their remote company

Why remote?

Remote company managers are talking about why they are running a remote team and how did they start. They also share ideas about what are the biggest benefits of remote work and why it's here to stay.

Hiring remote

Remote team leaders about building a remote team and how are they hiring for remote jobs in their company. They also share tips about how to stand out when applying for remote jobs.

Managing remote

Practical tips from remote companies about managing a remote team – how to measure productivity, where to work from and about planning company retreats to bring the remote team together.

Working remotely

Remote team leaders answering questions about their daily life in a remote team regarding communication, tools and more. They also share tips for companies planning to start working remotely.

After an offer is accepted and contract signed, onboarding starts. We provide the candidate with a company email and all needed accounts, we share a "welcome kit" with the routine of work habits, and we put the candidate in touch with the training leader to coordinate their training. We also introduce the candidate to the whole company.

November 1, 2019


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Every newcomer is paired with a mentor who facilitates their training and is their go-to person for anything they need help with. Newcomers are able to participate in a mentoring trip where we send them to spend 1-2 week in their mentor's city to work alongside each other and get to know each other. We also equip every newcomer with a Todoist onboarding project that includes a lot of useful resources and is used in collaboration with their mentor for task management.

August 16, 2019


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