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Remote work at Boldly

Boldly is a remote-first company working from 0 cities across 0 countries.
by Audrey

What does your remote company do?

Boldly is a subscription staffing company; a hiring model that allows businesses to get Fortune 500-trained, highly qualified, and hand-selected remote talent for just the hours they need each month.

Did you start with a remote team or switched later to remote?

Boldy is a remote-first, employee-focused company, offering its talented team the freedom to build their own schedules, work remotely, and be an integral part of amazing businesses for the long term while developing their own fulfilling careers. We are winners of the prestigious When Work Works award and are Great Places to Work certified.

What do you think are the biggest benefits of remote work?

Many of our team are mothers, fathers, military spouses, expats, etc. that have extensive experience in their field of specialty but really need this lifestyle to thrive in their careers. Iā€™m so proud to have created a win/win environment for our team and our clients.

What are you looking for in a good remote jobs candidate?

- A can-do attitude and a proactive outlook
- At least 7 years of work experience within your professional industry or field of specialty
- Reliability, trustworthiness and discretion
- Strong time management and efficiency
- Professionalism in all communications
- Steadiness and dependability with great flexibility
- A high level of internet knowledge and a solid understanding of cloud-based technologies
- Quick to learn and grasp new concepts
- A fast and reliable internet connection
- Friendly demeanor

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Boldly's remote team is currently working from 0 cities across 0 countries covering 0 timezones. This makes them # on RemoteHub with employees coming from most countries.

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