WordPress Technical Support

🏙 5 locations
🌎 5 countries
🤓 11-50 members

Niteo is looking for a new team member to fill the role of WordPress Technical Support. We host tens of thousands of WordPress blogs with different levels of complexity, so you’ll be facing new challenges every day!

Niteo is a remote-first SaaS company with team members working from around the world. Take a minute to check out our homepage or read about our perks and benefits in our Open Source handbook.

With us, you’ll be treated as a responsible adult and learn tons of new stuff so you can keep growing. We also offer you a fair and predictable salary with our Salary System.

If you’d like to learn more about this position, click on the button below!

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/niteo-wordpress-technical-support


Company retreats
93 remote teams →
Co-working space budget
43 remote teams →
Well-being budget
33 remote teams →
Home office budget
65 remote teams →
Learning budget
67 remote teams →
Open metrics
27 remote teams →
Flexible vacation
51 remote teams →
Profit sharing
12 remote teams →
Long-term employment
Dynamic and fun work environment
The possibility of working remotely in any time zone
Interesting problems to solve, day in, day out
7.5 hours regular work day, overtime paid 30% more
1 day paid public holiday granted every month (you choose which day)
165 hours (22 days) of paid vacation yearly


Tools used for remote work

Remote team at Niteo is using 3 tools like Zoom, GitHub and Slack when working remotely.


👋 Daily standups
Our daily standups are at 10 AM CE(S)T. They usually take less than 15 minutes.
🤝 Pair programming
We see great value in PP, but we're still discovering how to do it better. ATM, we do it in an ad-hoc manner, via zoom. We don't yet have a defined process for it.

Another thing we are doing increasingly more is asking coworkers to "be your rubber duck": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubber_duck_debugging
⚡️ Agile development
We do 2-week SCRUM, customized to our remote and async way of working. Retros take us about an hour, planning a bit less. We do planning poker as (hidden-by-default) comments on stories, asyncrounously.
🚚 Continuous delivery
Here's a talk about how we deliver value continuously: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GZcW19c4GM

Here's a blog post on how we do staging: https://blog.niteo.co/staging-like-its-2019/

We subscribe to https://12factor.net/ mentality.
🔓 Open source
Over the years we have contributed (to) tens of Open Source projects. The most recent one is OpenAPIv3 integration with the Pyramid framework that we donated to the Pylons organization: https://github.com/Pylons/pyramid_openapi3
📚 Learning & sharing
Every two weeks we hold a Deveopers Session, a kind of an Open Space via Zoom where everyone gets a chance to talk about the latest bug, library or approach they encountered. Or rant. Mostly rant :).

Everyone gets a budget to spend on books and courses. We encourage going to and cover expenses for conferences.


Remote team in 5 cities and 5 countries

Niteo is working remotely from 5 cities like India, Ukraine and Romania across 5 countries like India, Philippines and Romania with the average temperature of 20°C.

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