Vice President (VP) of Marketing

🏙 15 locations
🌎 13 countries
🤓 11-50 members

If you live somewhere in Europe and have a soft spot for bootstrapped, profitable tech startups with a meaningful mission and a global reach, and you would like to develop a small, super-capable marketing team in a fully remote work environment, you may like this extremely rare executive position at Drops.

Role & Responsibilities

  • You’ll be a key member of a 4-person executive team working together to develop the overarching company and product strategies
  • You’ll directly influence these strategies via your acute awareness of the competitive landscape, the EdTech industry, and adjacent industries important to Drops platform: gaming, productivity sw, corporated ed and edu B2B 
  • Based on these strategies and the company / product history, you’ll evolve the company ’s overarching narrative and develop a marketing strategy to bring that narrative to life.
  • You’ll surface and champion business / marketing opportunities through a deep understanding of our products and their usage patterns.
  • You’ll lead, mentor, manage the marketing team. You’ll be responsible for their effectiveness, well-being and development, and ensure that the team’s efforts align with our business’s and our users’ needs.
  • You’ll recruit and onboard top talent as needed (contractors, agencies, and employees)
  • You’ll make sure that the marketing aspects of the projects are getting done on schedule, that we’re making appropriate trade-offs.
  • You’ll be in charge of developing our marketing culture and ensuring that it is effectively represented and integrated into broader company culture.
  • Drops is an extremely collaborative company without the product / marketing divide that exists in many companies.You’ll be responsible for ensuring this collaboration continues between the marketing team and the rest of the company. 

Skills and experience. You have:

  • Been a marketing leader in a global EdTech, productivity, or gaming B2C startup
  • Experience marketing both mobile apps and sw platforms
  • Hands-on core marketing skills: digital mkt, marcom, product mkt, brand development / storytelling, PR 
  • Great people management skills
  • Great project management skills
  • Great negotiation and agency management skills
  • Hyper-growth start-up experience
  • Haven't spent your entire career in marketing (or if you have, you have earned a reputation as a bridge builder, working effectively across key functional orgs)
  • Worked effectively in a fully remote position and have managed fully remote employees
  • Accomplished big things with a small team

Additionally skills a plus:

  • B2B marketing
  • BD / partnership experience
  • Specific industry experience relevant to Drops 
    • Kids B2C tech marketing experience 
    • EDU industry experience 


  • All the perks of remote working
  • An awesomely compact 22 person team
  • Yearly educational allowance
  • Fitness allowance
  • High-end Apple hardware and ergonomic accessories
  • 🏖 30 days of holiday per year (including Christmas and other holidays)
  • Quarterly team gathering somewhere in the world (Amsterdam, Iceland, Lisbon and Budapest were previous locations)

To apply:




Drops's remote company is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia

Remote team in 15 cities and 13 countries

Drops is working remotely from 15 cities like Tallinn, Budapest and United Kingdom across 13 countries like United States, Brazil and Estonia with the average temperature of 20°C.

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