Support Engineer

🏙 5 locations
🌎 2 countries
🤓 11-50 members
🌎 Worldwide
We're looking for a Support Engineer to help expand Buildkite's high level of customer support. You'll get to work with some of the best engineering teams in the world, helping them set up new CI/CD pipelines, explain and architect technical solutions, as well as contributing to our core and open-source projects. You'll be our first team member dedicated to support, and you'll be working alongside our product engineers, Enterprise account manager, and technical writer.



📦 Building own products
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Buildkite's remote company is headquartered in Australia, Australia

Remote team in 5 cities and 2 countries

Buildkite is working remotely from 5 cities like Melbourne, Vancouver and Perth across 2 countries like Australia and Canada with the average temperature of 13°C.

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