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Senior Software Developer

🏙 3 locations
🌎 3 countries
We are hiring a Senior Software Developer in the EMEA region to join our distributed product development team. We're looking for someone who is continuously learning and improving their software skills and who will grow with the company. We primarily use Python and Javascript so we are keen to hear from you if you have experience working with these.


Health benefits
69 remote teams →
Meaningful equity in a fast-growing start-up
33 remote teams →
Generous PTO
64 remote teams →
Competitive salary
Opportunity to make a difference through helping life-saving products get to market
The ability to self-direct your learning and professional development


📦 Building own products
🐦 529 Twitter followers


Qualio's remote company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland

Remote team in 3 cities and 3 countries

Qualio is working remotely from 3 cities like Dublin, San Francisco and Wrocław across 3 countries like Ireland, Poland and United States with the average temperature of 15°C.

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