Senior Product Designer

Kuali is looking for a Senior Product Designer with at least four years of experience working in software product development. We hire humble, optimistic problem-solvers who need no direction and no permission to solve customer problems.

You’ll like working at Kuali if:
  • You enjoy building and can deliver beautiful user experiences, but can also balance priorities and sometimes compromise on pixel perfection to deliver value sooner.
  • You’re versatile. You know when to dream big and when to act small. You’re equally comfortable in both greenfield and refactoring projects.
  • You’re a collaborator. You build great relationships with other designers, engineers, and customers.
  • You’re inspired to achieve results, and your enthusiasm is contagious.
  • You’re passionate about your role in helping clients and other designers achieve their missions, and you advocate for them fiercely.
  • You’re curious and continuously seek knowledge and share your discoveries with others.
  • You know how to influence and serve.
  • You understand the complexity of large enterprise applications.
  • You’ve used agile methodologies.
This position is on our Student, Curriculum & Catalog Management product team.

About Kuali

Why join us? Our work matters — we’re helping our customers improve the quality of higher education by decreasing administrative costs. We operate in a competitive space where users tolerate outdated, inefficient, legacy ERPs and are eager to be delighted. We’re generating revenue and growing quickly with nearly 170 customers and 100 employees. You’ll have a significant impact on what we do and how we do it. Plus, you’ll get to work with some truly amazing people at a fast-growing, design-centric EdTech startup.

If you’re looking to make your fortune off a quick flip with no business model, you’d be happier someplace else.

  • Lead design for a new module for our higher education product suite and maintain a foundational software product
  • Build strong relationships with customers to develop a deep understanding of their needs, hopes, problems, and frustrations
  • Advocate passionately for customer priorities during product development
  • Conduct user research with the product team
  • Create wireframes, models, and prototypes to flesh out and test concepts with customers
  • Support engineering development of designs and bugs
  • Implement accessible design practices
  • Create elegant and beautiful responsive web UIs
  • Design with Kuali’s design system
  • Consider every touchpoint and find ways to make their experience fluid and efficient; this can include emails, print brochures, customer support UX, and other marketing materials

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✈️ Company retreats
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Paid travel: Yearly company retreats in Salt Lake City and smaller team meetups in fun locations across the U.S.
⌚️ Flexible hours
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We value output over hours in a chair. Enjoy a flexible, 40-hour work week with the rare need for any more of your time.

Tools used for remote work

Remote team at Kuali is using 5 tools like Trello, G Suite and GitHub when working remotely.



Kuali's remote company is headquartered in Lehi, United States

Remote team in 23 cities and 2 countries

Kuali is working remotely from 23 cities like Seattle, Philadelphia and Orlando across 2 countries like United States and Puerto Rico with the average temperature of 13°C.

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