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As a Ruby on Rails Engineer at Buildkite you’ll help shape a tool that thousands of developers use every day. You’ll report to Keith Pitt, our co-founder and CTO, and you’ll be working alongside an existing senior product designer and three product engineers. In this team, you’ll have the chance to influence all corners of Buildkite’s product and culture.

We're looking for a Rails Engineer who's happy to have their work day overlap with  UTC+10:30 timezone to join our team and become a key part of all our engineering efforts

A​ ​typical​ ​day​ ​for​ ​a​ ​Buildkite Rails​ ​Engineer​ ​might​ ​look​ ​like: 

  • Collaborating via Basecamp on crafting an upcoming feature or fix. 
  • Primarily working on our Ruby on Rails (majestic) monolith which has hints of React, GraphQL and Relay on the frontend and PostgreSQL for the database.
  • Solving problems in our production app and isolating issues to fix.
  • Video calls with others on the team to discuss or solve problems, or to just say hi. 
  • Providing feedback on a GitHub pull request, or responding to feedback left for you. 
  • Helping customers via email and Slack support, and following up with "support hacks" to solve any identified issues. At the moment we have a person on support for the whole week (it’s your only job that week), and we each take turns. 

This job is for you if you: 

  • Have web programming skills. You should have helped design, develop and maintain Ruby on Rails production web applications, and are familiar with the surrounding ecosystem.
  • Believe in quality code. You should know how to balance your own high standards of code quality with the problems you are solving and external constraints like how time-sensitive it is or the impact it will have. 
  • Like solving problems. You are happy working through difficult technical problems and solving them in straight-forward ways. If you don't know the answer immediately, you will be comfortable digging into the problem until you figure it out and know when it's time to ask the right point to ask for assistance. 
  • Understand development processes. You are comfortable writing Git commits, pull requests and tests using tools like RSpec. You know how to tackle critiquing others code in a positive and productive way, and receiving the same sort of feedback. 
  • Are a good communicator. You should value empathy and kindness and be able to articulate your ideas and feelings when writing or speaking. 
  • Comfortable with working remotely. We are a remote-first company, so you will need to be comfortable working by yourself and taking initiative when team members are offline.


AUD $130–160K salary
USD $90–110K salary
EUR €80–100K salary

Depending on skill level, plus benefits, for 38 hours per week (pro-rata for part-time). Salary amount excludes superannuation / 401k. Buildkite also provides health insurance for you and your family, no matter where you are in the world.


We prefer around 1-3 hours of overlap with ACDT (UTC+10:30) mornings at least 3 times a week so we can sync up with you on a call and for you to be part of all-team catchups.



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