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EmuCast - Micro video meetings for distributed and remote teams.

Intro to EmuCast

We're a new tech startup building a innovative new way of communicating called Micro Video Conferencing. We're looking for an ambitious team member who wants to join a startup at a very early stage. You would be part of the journey and be rewarded with a more than decent amount of equity which will inspire you to help us achieve our goals of global awareness.

Product Growth Hacker - Role and Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement front end web code (no code solutions) where appropriate to launch marketing tools and apps benefiting our initial goal of growing our website traffic.
  • Drive and monitor channel-specific initiatives across blogging, email, social media to identify areas for growth
  • Own and implement creative new projects, from building free campaigns and apps that attract prospects and convert leads to testing new approaches to capturing existing demand
  • Translate ideas to actionable items that deliver business results
  • Drive new users to sign-up to our beta program and eventually new users to our public product
  • Identify industry trends and insights
  • Test and optimize marketing tactics for customer acquisition (e.g. online advertising, direct mail, out of home, affiliate) and conversion rate optimization
  • Conduct competitive analyses and market research on incumbents and others products as needed
  • Solid understanding and willingness to track and implement SEO strategies.

Ideally, we would prefer candidates who have experience work from home /remotely in a previous role.


📨 Asynchronous communication
Drink our own champagne and use EmuCast first.

Tools used for remote work

Remote team at EmuCast is using 5 tools like Emucast, Visual Studio and Gmail when working remotely.




EmuCast's remote company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia

Remote team in 2 cities and 1 countries

EmuCast is working remotely from 2 cities like Sydney and Melbourne across 1 countries like Australia with the average temperature of 19°C.